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Sell Your Gold/Silver/Platinum
& Silver Flatware


Foshee's Jewelers believes you should never trust anything less than an on-site process for selling your gold/silver & platinum.

What is an "onsite process" for selling gold/silver & platinum?


Consumers are unsuspecting and often taken advantage of when selling their valuables. The Foshees difference?

  • An open-door policy that ensures integrity. No dividers between you and the appraiser.

  • Your precious metal is weighed in front of you.

  • Your valuables are placed in separate transparent bags in front of you.

  • Your valuables are never out of your view and presence. Appraisers often take linked gold, silver, and platinum chains into another room to "appraise" and take valuable links out before returning them to you.

  • Watch while you wait in a private office. Never lose sight of your valuables.

I've known Clyde since 1973 when I was merely 8 years old. My whole family has dealt with Foshee Jewelers buying and selling jewelry and prescious metals. I later befriended Harry who like Clyde, has the highest level of honesty and integrity. When it's time to buy or sell, there is NO BETTER CHOICE!

Jane Bazz

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