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Clyde Foshee

It all started over sixty-two years ago! It was 1953. I started my business after attending vocational courses at Lakeland High School.


Our first store was on Memorial Boulevard (twenty-two years), then Ingraham Plaza (thirty-five years), and in 2010 we moved into our current facility on East Parker Street.



Even from the start, service, community and family were our guiding values. Treating our customers as family has allowed us to serve many generations. It is an honor for great-grandparents to bring their grandchildren in to meet us and continue the family-to-family friendship.



Our family has expanded through the years, along with our growing experience. I am proud of our two Master Watchmakers, two Master Clock Technicians, three Master GIS Graduate Jewelers, and three GIA Graduate Gemologists.

Clyde Foshee

Chris Foshee

Chris Foshee

As soon as I could walk, I started following my dad around. He was my hero. After graduation from high school, nothing pleased me more than to follow him into the jewelry business.  


In the store, I began playing with some of the clocks. I didn't know what I was doing. At my mom's prodding, a great friend, Mr. Bill Wood, stepped forward to mentor me. Mr. Wood was an expert in clock repair. He taught me how to take a clock entirely apart and put it back together again repaired! My time with him was invaluable.


A few years later, Daddy and I went to the Howard Miller clock factory school. It was another invaluable investment. 


I have embraced my dad's values for my own. When I please our customers with excellent service, I feel significant.

Pam Foshee

Pam Foshee

Growing up, Saturdays were always notable for two reasons. First, my dad would take me to my piano lessons. And then, after my music lesson, I got to spend the rest of the day with him at the jewelry store. 


It was my opportunity to join in with my dad's passion: Jewelry, clocks, and watches! Watching my dad do such intricate repairs on watches fascinated me.  


I LOVED waiting on customers! I had to stand on a chair to see over the counter. I earned a total of $20 a week. Pretty good for a kid like me!  


When I got out of school, I learned so much just by being there every day. Daddy sent me to jewelry school, where I learned to solder and set stones. 


But, in designing jewelry, I learn the most from my customers. The ideas and designs they bring in are often brilliant. 


Seeing their smiling faces when they see the unique piece that we helped them design is priceless. 


Duska Foshee

Duska Foshee

I remember meeting the Foshee family in 1977. I especially adored one member, Chris. After falling in love, we married, and I officially became a member of the family.  


I admired how Clyde Foshee served his customers like family. It was amazing how he could work on such intricate pieces of a watch and repair it.  


After marriage to Chris, I began serving in the jewelry store. In the family tradition, I went to jewelry school and began sizing rings and setting stones. 


I love seeing the customer's face when they get a new piece of jewelry or a treasured piece restored. 


Serving more generations with the Foshee touch makes me happy.

Harry Keshishian

Harry Keshishian

Certified Gemologist, Diamontologist, Precious Metals Analyst, and Master Jewelry Appraiser Harout G. Keshishian started his jewelry industry career in 1988 designing and manufacturing fine jewelry. 


He attended the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is a Gemologist from that organization.  Mr. Keshishian also pursued training from the Diamond Council of America in the Certified Diamontologist and Gemologist Programs.  He currently serves as the Director of International Gemological Appraisals (IGA) where he conducts Diamond, Colored Gemstone, and Precious Metals (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) analysis and appraisals.  His extensive background in the jewelry business guides him in considering not merely the value of the individual elements of a piece or item but also its design and artistic workmanship worth (its aesthetics). 


A comprehensive, certified report is prepared and presented with every appraisal.  Mr. Keshishian performs his appraisals in the presence of the client wherever possible. 


His clients include purchasers, sellers, insureds, insurance carriers, and attorneys.  He has acted as an expert witness in both civil litigation and criminal cases and assisted law enforcement officers and agencies in criminal investigations involving jewelry theft and fraud. 


In association with Foshee Jewelers, Mr. Keshishian purchases platinum, gold, and silver jewelry, sterling silver flatware and hollowware, gold and silver coins, and luxury/designer watches, paying the highest market value.


In 2013, we celebrated 60 years in business! We received wonderful letters of recognition from Governor Rick Scott, Sheriff Grady Judd, and Florida Representative Neil Combee. 

In addition, we won the Lakeland Award for the "watch" category!

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